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Welcome to the happiest day of your life!

...and we'd love to be there with you to help create memories that will last a lifetime!









fter months of planning and anticipation, the ceremony has ended. You're married! As you depart, your thoughts turn to the reception where your friends and family are. You've been preparing for this party for a long time. You arrive at the reception site where you are greeted by the people you have entrusted to make this once-in-a-lifetime event perfect. It's your JBDJ team! They've been waiting for you. After a brief chat, you and your wedding party are ready for the Grand Entrance! Inside, you can hear the music you selected playing for your wedding party. The excitement builds and finally it's just the two of you left outside. As the emcee introduces you as "husband and wife," you enter the room to a rousing ovation! You look around to see your family and friends standing, smiling, and cheering your arrival. This is just the beginning of what will be a very special night...

We understand that this is YOUR day. Itís all about YOU. Our goal is to exceed YOUR expectations!

We care as much as you do about your eventÖ and it shows. We put a lot of time and effort into planning your event. We meet personally with YOU beforehand to carefully plan the Reception together. We ask a lot of questions to assure that your wants and needs are fulfilled.

We take it personally! We get to know YOU and YOU get to know us... before the event! We work together to fill out our detailed wedding planner and create a wedding reception that will be creative, unique and memorable. Written reception schedules are created which we share with the other wedding professionals (Caterers, Photographers etc.) and we work closely with them to make the event a 100% success.

Our music Makes Memories too! Our extensive 100% digital music library is at your service! We know just the right selection to play at just the right time. We subscribe to a special music service (the same one as radio stations) to assure that all of our music is of the highest quality and edited for content. If you request a track that by some chance we don't have, we'll do our best to get it! We play what YOU want to hear!

We are your solution to whatever your greatest concerns towards your reception may be. On your wedding day, all you will have to be concerned about is get married, arrive at the reception and be prepared to have the best day of your lives!

Relax and enjoy your big day. YOU can, because all of the important details of the day have been taken care of by your PROFESSIONAL JBDJ team. Your reception will be a one-of-a-kind, customized celebration according to YOUR wishes and preferences. Our attention to detail eliminates potential problems before they ever happen resulting in a stress-free and enjoyable experience, turning YOUR dream into reality!

our reception was magnificent. Exactly as you visualized it (and planned it!). Everyone had a wonderful time! This day will live on forever in your memory. Your reception will be one that people will talk fondly about for years!

Aren't you glad you chose Jack Brown DJ / Entertainment?




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